Pergamon ruins, Bergama, Turkey

Pergamon ruins, Bergama, Turkey

Mon 14 Jul 2014

Off the tourist track a short distance is the Pergamon ruins, acropolis, fortifications and more.

Incredible for the amount of labour that went into the construction over the centuries, its impressive from just about every angle. Its seems that somehow they got the water to run up hill drawing from a source 45 kilometres away.

Getting there.
Its less than 7 km from Bergama making for a short eventful drive. If you have a car you can avoid the hill base parking and cable car ride, instead heading up one narrow corner and then around the other side of the hill to the top. The pleasant guys in the car park will mistake you for German if you have a German number plate (this has happened a number of times on the trip).

5 TL to park, 25 TL to enter

The site
On basic appraisal it seems like a bunch of broken walls, until you start to walk around and appreciate the enormous effort that the ancients went to for the construction the centuries.

Reconstruction in part of walls, some of the Acropolis, the amphitheater gives more than a fair idea of the architecture and lifestyle of these guys worshiping their gods high on the hill top as close too their gods as they can get.

Around the site there is also details about the vault chambers employed by the ancient architects and engineers to build a light, material saving supporting structure for the acropolis... to take the time out you can see that once again they went a lot of trouble, lifted some very heavy blocks, etc. Even the large "staple looking"  metal pins they used to lock the blocks together are impressive for their number and detail.

High on the Western side is the Armory and a view to the modern dam below. A ditch goes across the next field and to an aquaduct. Details related are hard to believe. 45km of pipe works in very ancient times, upgraded by the Romans with the Aquaduct. Interesting to see that they used Lead pipe and lead sealing in the system. The effects unknown of Lead poisoning back in the day must have ensured that they went slowly stupid.... and one wonders if they went stupid at the same rate, unrealising they were going silly... to the point of the three stooges, slapping each others face, etc... and in theory the maths and architecture should have gone out the window.

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Story by:
John Nayler
John Nayler has been a flat-out-traveller for almost 20 years. 37 countries, but who's counting - he is likely to have been there, done that AND probably recorded something about it. You want entertaining answers? You have come to the right place.

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