Travel stories from Eastern Europe

Greek bareboat chartering
Last minute bareboat charter sailing in Greece via Athens.Sat 31 Oct 2015 - John Nayler
Like an instant travel challenge? Have a girlfriend in business consulting that has holidays on same day notice. This is precisely the way that I found myself in Zurich Friday 11am and 2pm Saturday arriving for a Greek bareboat charter, having booking completely last minute. You need a sense of adventure and your wet weather gear handy so you can simply go when the opportunity arises.


Greek Sail 27th August - 10 September 2016
Sat 27 Aug 2016 - John Nayler
Hi all, I have committed to going back for another sailing adventure and explore of the Greek Is
Cool undiscovered city: Sofia, Bulgaria
Wed 20 Apr 2011 - Adrian Cahill
Bulgaria has a population of over 7 million and its capital Sofia has a population of 1.2 million pe